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There is a new way of eating

It's social, it's fun and it saves you tons!


Every time you order you will earn 2 x stamps,
one for you, and one for a friend. Fill up your stamp card and unlock a free gift from your favourite restaurant.



Ever gifted someone a burger? Sent them a pizza for their birthday? A chocolate cake from their favourite brasserie for valentines day? Or just a coffee to say thanks? Well, now you can! Nippi lets you give and receive gifts, and earn more stamps every time a gift is sent.

Save save save

Make an average saving of 20% compared to delivery apps AND save even more by ordering with friends. The more friends you order with, the more you save.


Be social

Connect with friends, see where they like to eat, and invite them to eat together. 


Eat and be fit

No more laziness, Collect your order from the restaurant and we will reward you for every step you take. Take 5000 steps and a Nippi gift is coming your way.

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