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Restaurants and Cafés

We are a startup on a mission to create a more outgoing community, encouraging customers to ditch delivery apps in favour of in-store pick ups.

We are building our first community in Holborn (London), and would love to have you on
this journey with us, and help you...

Cut costs

Make an average saving of 60% on commissions compared to

delivery apps.

Reach more

Our innovative marketing plan helps you reach more customers in your neighbourhood, and increase sales.

Save time

Let Extro manage your front of house,
from taking orders, to queue management,
to rewarding you
r best customers,
so all you have to do is focus on cooking
up delicious food!


Serve fresh

Serve your passion the way it was intended. Warm, fresh and straight to the customer.


Get Fit

Help create a fitter



Drop us a line and let's schedule a demo

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Backed by Antler.

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