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Fruits and Vegetables

Partner up with us!

Hello hard working pillars of hospitality! Let's bring back what made us great. The sharing, the caring, the mingling and all those wonderful social interactions, lost to home delivery.

We are committed to changing habits, bringing people back to your premises, cutting down your costs and helping you better mange staff shortages.

Blue and White Eggs

Thanks for subscribing!

Easy as 1, 2,3,4...

Step 1 : Are we in your neighbourhood yet?
If not, we will let you know as soon as we are!

Thank you, we will be replying shortly.

Step 2 : Sign up
Tell us about your business

Step 3 : Get set
Receive your terminal and get access to our portal (All free of charge)

Step 4 : Let's go!
Start accepting orders

Cut Costs...

Say goodbye to extortionate fees. Y
ou will pay nothing for the first 50 orders, followed by a commission rate considerably lower than any of the delivery apps

Your setup, access and a brand new terminal will all be delivered free of charge

And that is it. There are no hidden fees or surprises!


Sell more...

Innovative marketing plan, paid with food & beverages!
Do you have a signature dish, or that game changing shake people must try? Well gift it and let Nippi tell the whole neighbourhood about it!


The map - We will put you on the map next to your local peers and share your gifts with new users, so they can try out your goods for themselves

The social effect - We are a social media platform. So when someone visits your establishment, everybody in their network will hear about it too

The loyal ones - We will encourage loyalty and honour loyal customers, with our built-in loyalty stamps scheme

The ones that got away - Well no more. Our clever algorithm will push your gifts to the most relevant customers in the area

The lazy ones - We will reward customers for walking to you! That's right, every step they take is rewarded

Group ordersGet more bulk purchases. The bigger the group, the bigger the discount. 

Save time...

Think of Nippi as your solid new team member, always there, never late, and takes care of your front of house needs, so you can just focus on cooking up the delicious stuff!


Order management - We will take care of every step of the order process, from accepting customer requests to managing delivery times and notifications

Payment solution - We have teamed up with Stripe and created a seamless solution for all payments to be transferred to you, minus our commission

Monthly Reporting - Every month you will receive a full report to analyse your performance, a well as customer and market behaviour. We will help you capture that all important 'walk-in' data that is currently uncultured.

Your portal - Everything you need is available to you via our web portal. You can edit your menu, create new promotions, update your gifts and see how well you have been performing

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